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a program designed to inspire education through music

Jam 4 Awareness is a project aimed at raising the awareness of important social issues to children and young people in schools.

They have performed at over 280 Primary and High Schools in NSW and the project is supported by some of Australia’s highest profile bands and artists including Delta Goodrem, Diesel, Missy Higgins and many major and independent record companies.

The project has also raised much needed funds for cancer research through its support of the Delta Goodrem Leukaemia & Lymphoma Charity Trust Fund.

Proud Supporters of the Banton Brothers.

award-winning producer/song-writing duo


The burnside organisation recently presented their “Jam 4 Awareness” program at our school.

The pop group “Jubestar” accompanied the Burnside personnel and performed at a full school assembly. The children heard the anti-bullying message delivered in a real and meaningful way through the performers. It was tremendous for the children to experience the music and hear the message from the “cool” stars. Certainly a most worthwhile visit!

– Phil Nash, PRINCIPAL, Lalor Park P.S.


It all starts with awareness. Educating kids on social issues at an early age is imperative to their growth.


Music is not only a creative outlet, but an inspiring way to engage kids and reinforce a positive message simultaneously.


Education through inspiration will invoke change. Changing mindsets on crucial issues is something carried for a lifetime.

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